Matthew Curtis

Gregory Clark, Neil Cummins, and I have created new occupational status indices for England and Wales. The first index is based on the RCII method used by HISCAM and is available for HISCO codes and our own occupational coding scheme. The second index is the first principle component of several measures of socioeconomic status and is available for our own occupational coding scheme. The scores for HISCO are here. The scores for our own occupational coding scheme are here.

To compute the RCII scores above, I wrote some R code that is much faster than the previously existing Stata code (using the amazing fixest package.)

I wrote .ado files for the ABE record linkage algorithm with Katherine Eriksson.

I manage the Global Price and Income History Group website with Peter Lindert.

I wrote the Data Appendix for Labor Market Polarization Over the Business Cycle with Christopher Foote and Rich Ryan in 2014.

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