Matthew Curtis


Twins Support the Absence of Parity-Dependent Fertility Control in Pretransition Populations with Gregory Clark and Neil Cummins. Demography (2020). PDF. DOI.

Submitted papers

The Her in Inheritance: How Marriage Matching Has Always Mattered, Quebec 1800–1970. ECARES working paper 2022-38. PDF . IDEAS RePEc. Revise and resubmit at Journal of Economic History.

Three New Occupational Status Indices for England and Wales, 1800–1939 with Gregory Clark and Neil Cummins. CEPR working paper. Draft PDF. Data avaliable.. Conditional accept at Historical Methods.

Seeds of Knowledge: Premodern Scholarship, Academic Fields, and European Growth with David de la Croix. CEPR discussion paper DP18321, Draft PDF. CEPR link.

The Mismeasure of Man: Why Intergenerational Occupational Mobility is Much Lower than Conventionally Measured, England, 1800–2021 with Gregory Clark and Neil Cummins. CEPR discussion paper DP17346. Draft PDF. CEPR link.

How did the European Marriage Pattern Persist? Social versus Familial Inheritance: England and Quebec, 1650–1850 with Gregory Clark and Neil Cummins. Draft PDF. CEPR discussion paper DP17475 CEPR link.

Was There a Crisis? A Human Development Index for Lower Canada, 1760 to 1848 with Vincent Geloso. SSRN working paper Draft PDF. SSRN link.

The Expansion of Public Education in Puerto Rico after 1900 with Mateo Uribe-Castro. Prepared for the book “Roots of Underdevelopment: A New Economic (and Political) History of Latin America and the Caribbean,” edited by Felipe Valencia-Caicedo. PDF.

Works in progress

Inheritance Customs, the European Marriage Pattern, and Female Empowerment with Paula Gobbi, Marc Goñi, and Joanne Haddad. Draft PDF. Funded by ERC Starting Grant 947654, IDED, granted to Paula Gobbi.

Resource Curses and Production Functions: Sugar, Coffee, and Schooling in Early 20th Century Puerto Rico with Mateo Uribe-Castro.

Before the Fall: Child Quantity and Quality in Pre-Demographic Transition Quebec

Treating the filles like a roi? Gender differences in child mortality in Quebec 1620–1850

Other work

I wrote.ado files for the ABE record linkage algorithm with Katherine Eriksson.

I manage the Global Price and Income History Group website with Peter Lindert.

I wrote the Data Appendix for Labor Market Polarization Over the Business Cycle with Christopher Foote and Rich Ryan in 2014.